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  1. Community is spoken here at SEAD. We are literary and visual storytellers redefining what community development looks like for the Southeast Asian diaspora. We believe storytelling is a powerful tool for how we get there and language is the entry point that keeps us rooted in our peoplehood.
  2. The SEAD™ is an acute intrauterine product for women with abnormal uterine bleeding, a problem affecting 1 of 5 women globally. The current standard of care (global ablation) is considered invasive, burdensome, debilitating and costly.
  3. The SEAD program is a cost-effective way to share social & emotional learning (SEL) information with a large population of students. It is easy to access and easy to use. This program will give students a foundation to build on and supports positive social & emotional development.
  4. Mar 18,  · The SEAD Typhoon would be a new variant of the twin-engine plane and would require extensive modification of the basic Typhoon design. This first appeared in .
  5. SEAD is the community architect amplifying, experimenting, and facilitating that bridge through resources, workshops and sharing knowledge. Subscribe to our newsletter The SEAD .
  6. SEAD & SEADWest. SEAD & SEADWest are funded by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Nuffic. Both are implemented through a partnership between the Strategic Capacity Development Department of the Chief Skills Officer’s Office at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), in partnership with INES Ruhengeri, UR (CAVM, CST and CBE), Rwanda polytechnic (IPRC Gishari, IPRC Huye, .
  7. The following materials are provided to support Departments and Agencies with the implementation of the Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 3. SEAD 3 establishes reporting requirements for employees working in sensitive positions. The toolkit may be downloaded as a zip package or as individual files. Download Toolkit (ZIP file).
  8. Security Executive Agent Directive-2 (SEAD-2) (PDF) Use of polygraph in support of personnel security determinations for initial or continued eligibility for access to classified information or elitibility to hold a sensitve position Security Executive Agent Directive-3 (SEAD-3) (PDF) Reporting Requirements.
  9. The Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative is a voluntary collaboration among governments working to promote the manufacture, purchase, and use of energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and equipment worldwide.

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