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  1. The paloma is a thirst-quenching tequila cocktail that's very easy to mix up. A favorite drink from Mexico, it is equally popular worldwide and one of the best ways to show off a great tequila. "Paloma" is the Spanish word for "dove," and it's a fitting name for this sparkling grapefruit drink.
  2. Paloma definition is - any of several sharks used as food. 2 often capitalized: a brownish orange to light brown that is redder and lighter than sorrel and redder than caramel.
  3. Sep 13,  · What is paloma? Paloma is a very popular Mexican tequila-based cocktail. Contrary to popular belief, paloma, and not margarita, is Mexico's favorite cocktail. How to make a paloma A traditional paloma cocktail is served on the rocks and often in a highball glass. This pink cocktail is prepared with grapefruit juice and tequila. According to cocktails connoisseurs, grapefruit and tequila 5/5(1).
  4. Mar 31,  · Paloma This is a traditional drink in Mexico. The pretty paloma is a blend of tequila, lime juice and a grapefruit soda like Fresca, Jarritos or Spindrift. It's light, sparkling and thirst-quenching! You can add extra zing with a splash of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, too.
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  7. Apr 23,  · Paloma Cocktail Ingredients. A traditional paloma cocktail consists of tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit soda. My recipe is a fresher version of this classic combination. Here’s what’s in it: Tequila – Use any good-quality blanco tequila in this recipe. We like this brand, but feel free to use your favorite!
  8. Jul 18,  · The Paloma drink is a tequila-based recipe and is prepared with a grapefruit flavored soda, squirt of lime juice and tequila then served on the rocks! Mexico's most beloved cocktail! It's the perfect refreshing cocktail recipe to relax with with only 5 ingredients.
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