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  1. Japanese cuisine (和食, washoku) offers an abundance of gastronomical delights with a boundless variety of regional and seasonal dishes. Restaurants in Japan range from mobile food stands to centuries old ryotei, atmospheric drinking places, seasonally erected terraces over rivers, cheap chain shops and unique theme restaurants about ninja and robots.
  2. Allrecipes helps you bring the bento box home with more than trusted Japanese recipes for chicken teriyaki, sushi, miso soup, and yakisoba.
  3. Jan 25,  · Kinds of Japanese Food 1. Makizushi. Makizushi is sushi that's rolled into long cylinders. It may be cut into shorter pieces before being 2. Miso Soup. In Japan, miso soup is as important to breakfast as coffee. It's a hearty soup of dashi, miso and tofu. 3. Yakitori. It's a category of.
  4. Unique and beguiling, Japan is a country of binaries. It straddles both the traditional and ultra-modern, with buzzing cities alongside stunning natural landscapes. Its food is famously nutritious, with a diet based around super-fresh, seasonal products. We’ve picked 10 dishes to seek out when visiting.
  5. 50 Japanese Foods to Try While You Are in Japan 1. Sushi. Sushi is a traditional Japanese food made by combining vinegar rice and seafood (although sometimes other 2. Tempura. Tempura is a Japanese dish made from seafood, fresh vegetables and other ingredients dipped in a flour and 3.
  6. Japanese comfort food! The smell will draw you in! By Renee from Hawaii. Chicken Hekka Rating: Unrated 20 An incredible Asian stir fry. One of my personal favorites. By Jim. Japanese Shrimp Fried Rice with Yum Yum Sauce.
  7. Sep 19,  · Japanese meals generally consist of a staple food combined with a soup, a main dish, and a few sides (1, 2).Staple food: steamed rice or soba, ramen, or udon noodles Soup: typically a .
  8. Japanese cuisine is based on a few staples – rice, noodles and seasonal ingredients. Our assortment of Japanese food helps you stock up on your choice of miso soup broth, organic ramen noodles and antioxidant-rich organic cha soba noodles. Select from a variety of sauces and spices to mix with your noodles. Keep sushi rice in the pantry along.

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