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  1. Jan 01,  · Listen to Grounded - Radio Edit on Spotify. Style of Eye · Song · Music Duration: 2 min.
  2. A software environment designed to aid with learning the fundamental concepts of Waveform Characteristics as it relates to audio.
  3. Grounding is really the process of making sure that different pieces of equipment have the same voltage reference. In AC and DC power wiring, grounding provides safety by connecting exposed conductors, such as equipment cases, directly to the Earth or to a zero-voltage point, such as a .
  4. All radios, tuners, meters, etc in radio system should be grounded in a star ground configuration. The common ground point should be at the tuner if one is used, otherwise a ground bus bar or copper panel should be used. Daisy-chaining devices together is NEVER recommended. Connect the star ground configuration to a good RF earth ground.
  5. The geomantic structure ruled and governed every wired, ground-wired, or radio signal which electrotechnology had applied to the ground. Signals were shunted, interrupted, magnified, reduced, constricted, redirected, divided, and recombined as each encountered the geomantic structure.
  6. A good ground connection is every bit as important as a good antenna in do-it-yourself radio electronics. The best way to create a good ground connection is to use a metal cold water pipe. Assuming you placed your antenna outdoors, you may be lucky enough to find an outdoor water faucet near the end of the antenna.
  7. With modern 3-wire house wiring and outlets, one side of the line goes to the same point in the breaker box as the ground. There's legitimate reasons for that but it has little to do with performance or protection of the radio itself. Third wire ground is basically to maintain the integrity of the house wiring scheme in the case of a wiring fault.
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  9. For example a microphone input has a ground inside the radio. If an external device is connected to the mic jack, and that external device grounds the mic shield back to the station ground or power mains safety ground, it will introduce hum into the audio. If the 12V power supply is similarly grounded (as it should be) to the mains safety.

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